Old video of Speed Darlington begging for help surfaces after he called Mohbad a weakling (video)

Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington faces backlash after he mocked late singer Mohbad and called him a weakling.

Social media users dig up old video of Speed Darlington begging people to help him as neighbors try to break into his house shortly after he called Mohbad a weakling.

The rapper while chastising Mohbad’s parent for giving birth to a weakling encouraged parents to ensure that they give birth to strong sons and not a weakling.

He also mocked him for not fight back against his assaulters but instead he recorded it and posted it online.

This apparently did not sit well with Mohbad’s fans who went to their archive to dig out a video of where speed Darlington was begging for help online.

He made a live video, calling on Nigerians to come help him so he doesn’t get mobbed by his neighbors.

Watch the video by clicking the link below;


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