“Once a man pays your bride price, he has paid for your life” — Marriage counselor


  • A relationship expert has stored a reaction after she claimed that a woman’s wife is tied to the bride price paid by her husband.

  • The counselor identified by her Facebook page as Jane Chukwu made this known while advising women on her to keep a marriage.
  • She said since the woman is owned by the man they is a need for her to constantly please him.

Marriage counselor stirs reactions following claims that a woman’s life is tied to the bride price paid by her husband.

A relationship expert identified as Jane Chukwu on Facebook made the claim in a post while advising women on how to keep a marriage.

She argued that the payment of bride price by the man seals the complete ownership of his partners life, hence, the need for a woman to please her husband.

“Forget civilization and feminist brouhaha, when a man pays your bride price, he has automatically paid for your life and the life you live isn’t yours anymore, the life you now have is to please him and make him happy all the days of his life,” she wrote.

See some reactions that followed …

deyemitheactor: “Who is this one now? Even me wey be traditional man no fit gree for this rubbish! ????????‍♂️”

offical_lulu: “Just marry a man that won’t think like this Aunty here. Thank you ????”

davidchisom60: “Meaning a woman automatically has sold herself to you because you are operating “slav3 trade” better know that marriage is built on a relationship. The better you understand that you work out the submission through love and commitment the better for you.”

leochard1: “What if them return the bride price? Does that mean they returned your life? ????????”

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