Outrage as Abuja housewife buys a tuber of yam for ₦25,000

A Nigerian housewife sparks debate on social media when she revealed that she bought a tuber of yam for N25,000 in Abuja.

A Nigerian housewife sparks outrage on social media after revealing that she bought a tuber of yam for the sum of ₦25,000 in Abuja.

In the video, she walked into the living room where her husband was waiting for her, he calmly demanded what she bought from the market.

She explained that she purchased the yam as per her husband’s request and decided to cook it for him.

However, her husband, aware of the amount she actually withdrew from the ATM using his card, insisted on seeing the yam.

Eventually, she showed him the yam, admitting she bought it for ₦25,000 at a Mallam’s shop in Abuja.

See some reactions below:

Afuyebadia: “divorce her ,if you continue in the sake of love she go still dump you, if you broke.”

Micdam: “Personal dress like this go market you they complain of yam price.. she can’t lie now.”

Olatunji: “She no lie ooo for my side that Abuja yam na like 68k if you sabi price dem fit sell ham 67.500.”

Kismet: “Seriously Abuja yam is the best 😹 sweet and white.”

Themmy: “Nah one of the reason why I dey always follow my babe go market be this.”

BIG SIMI 💕👸Stallion daughter: “Mide no Dey laugh wen doing it but she is laughing mide is always serious.”

LAYKISS RCK: “This the only type of yam that davido eat I will never be poor, na from Ola Of Lagos she buy the yam.”

Asumor Fish: “I say make run kome comments section see watin na dey talk about this matter,,,,Abuja yam 25k chailll.”

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