Outrage as man slams his girlfriend for demanding N5K to buy milky doughnuts

An Anambra man faces heavy backlash over his tone of voice with his girlfriend while scolding her for demanding N5,000 from him to buy milky doughnuts.

An Anambra man comes under heavy backlash following the tone of his voice while scolding his girlfriend for demanding N5K from him to buy a pack of milky doughnuts.

In a video shared by @heritage_xx on TikTok shows how frustrated the young man was with his girlfriend who had the audacity to ask him that.

In the video, the lady asked her man for N5K to try out the trending ‘milky doughnuts’, but was unfortunately it

In his words;

“Do you know that you have no shame this girl? Because if you have shame you will not have the impetus to send this milky doughnut to my DM for N5000 and say I should get 3 for you. Which God are you serving?

You are not even ashamed of yourself at all. If I block you now, they will say it’s because of buns. Anything that comes out, you want it. I have asked you to go and look for work.

“They carried milk that a sane person will drink for one week to put inside one buns and you’re saying it’s milk you want to drink now. Don’t trouble my life or I block you. I don’t want this milk doughnut to end our relationship so respect yourself. If you continue, I will block you.”

Man_like_Cubex noted: “Correct Anambra Man😂❤️…. Anambra men dey give but we no dey waste money for irrelevant things… 👍.”

Ugegbe2121 stated: “He is obviously joking y’all 😂 but then again why you go ask your boyfriend to buy you a thing as cheap as milky doughnuts 😅make it make sense abeg.”

Y~U~G~I~E~ 😇❤️ penned: “Your boyfriend care about you 🥰 my dear go learn work way him say make you learn 😂.”

Raddicalguy opined: “The guy don’t love you my dear even if he doesn’t have the money he should talk to you respectfully 😏😏.”

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