Outrage as photo of Mohbad’s son on same hairstyle as late father trends online

Social media users reacts to a photo of Mohbad’s son, Liam rocking the same hairstyle like his late father.

Nigerians could not contain their anger after a photo of Mohbad‘s son, Liam surfaced on social media with a the boy rocking a matching hairstyle like his late father.

This is coming some hours after Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo claimed that the idea of a DNA test amidst the struggle for justice for the late singer is irrelevant.

In the photo trending online, Mohbad’s son had the same hairstyle popularly known in Nigeria as ‘puff-puff’ just as his father did while he was alive.

Nigerians have slammed the people responsible for the photo, ask them to keep the boy off social media since this is not what his father would have wanted.

See some reactions below:

ble_ssing_sunday stated: “People who said Laim doesn’t look like the father be like garri don spoil Una eyes, No Dna needed!!!”

ebuka_duke penned: “DNA no let her do, she by dey paint the pikin to be like mohbad. Women, women. Time way you take dey paint am to be like mohbad, who you no just do DNA make everything body rest? Even you self go rest because you yourself know say you no rest nae make you dey try impress us.”

nora_big_wiz stated: “Keep the boy private … his father never wants him on blogs everyday …”

boots.and.more wrote: “Can they just keep this boy off social media.”

goodnesscamella said: “To me there’s no need for DNA test na mohbad himself be this😍.”

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