Outrage on social media over bride’s sad demeanour at her wedding

A new bride has sparked reaction on social media over her sad expression on her wedding day despite her husband beaming and grinning from ear to ear.

A new bride has caused a buzz on social media over how sad she was on her wedding day despite the fact that her husband was very excited and happy about getting married.

A video which has gone viral shows the couple on their way from their wedding and making videos to post on social.

In the video, the husband of the new bride could be seen taking a video of himself with his wife who sat at a distance away from him.

The video has since stirred speculations from social media users who speculated the marriage to be arranged.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below:

defitilaoluwatobi said: “It’s obvious that she is not happy but her family said she has no choice.”

ademolaadebayo_ opined: “It’s well! …is like her parents forced her to marry him.”

b_uniqu.e reacted: “They look happy nah 🌚 it’s the thought that matters please 👏😂.”

khermisho wrote: “Before some of yall here say something nasty remember u are single and don’t even have someone that tells u they love u😏.”

bonbestart_interiors said: “Why na only the man day happy and the bride is angry and thinking about her life with their both VERY DARK FACES?😂😂😂.”

eddiewes.t penned: “If this man sleep surely she go piiioooson this man .. just look at her . She just da vex.”

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