Pastor Gideon reveals God’s plan to use Asake before 2024

A preacher identified as Prophet Gideon has revealed a prophecy regarding musician, Asake, says that God has plans for him to become a pastor before the year ends.

A preacher identified simply as Prophet Gideon has revealed a prophecy regarding Nigerian singer, Asake, whom God allegedly plans for him to become a pastor before the year runs out.

In a video making rounds on the X platform, the clergyman disclosed that he received this message from God indicating His intention to use the singer as a vessel to spread the gospel worldwide.

The preacher further added that before Asake’s birth, his mother sought the blessings of a Celestial pastor who prophesied that she would conceive a baby boy destined for greatness.

The pastor lamented that Asake has strayed from the path which his mother vowed, regarding dedicating her son to serving God in any capacity.

According to pastor Gideon’s prophecy, by the end of 2024, Asake will undergo a spiritual transformation.

There is a particular musician that God wants to use him, his name is Asake. His name is Asake but God wants to use him as a pastor. He is going to barb his hair and become a pastor. Just watch and see I am prophesying.

This is what God said that Asake is going to become a pastor, that will be preaching all around the world. This is what I saw, they should ask his mother, when his mother was looking for him, she went to a Cele pastor, and the pastor prayed for her and told her she would carry a baby boy, and the boy would be great.

His mother said if God granted her the baby, she would allow him to do anything he wanted in the house of God. But now he has deviated, and now God wants him back and He is going to arrest him. This arrest will come before the end of 2024. Watch out and see”.

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