Paul Okoye offers Monalisa Stephen 2million to reveal identity of her boyfriend


  • Talent manager and Iyabo Ojo’s lover, has slammed actress, Monalisa Stephen after her shocking revelation on her sex life.
  • Reacting to this, Paul claimed that no man will lick a lady’s part when she is on her period, saying that she was just chasing clout.
  • Going further, he dared her to reveal the identity of her man and that he is willing to part with 2 million Naira for her to do so.

Popular talent manager, Paul Okoye has slammed Monalisa Stephen after the shocking revelation about her sex life.

The chubby actress had received a lot of backlash from fans after she claimed that her boyfriend licks her lady part while on her period.

She made this known in a popular podcast called honest bunch, Monalisa, while in the company of media personality Nedu and others.

She noted that, at first, she was not okay with it; however, as he continued overtime, she realised that her boyfriend was showing his love and was ready to love everything that came out of her body.

“My boyfriend use to go down on me when I am on my period. The first time, I did not know what he was trying to prove then he did it again and again” she said.

The video where she made this revelation had made rounds on social media, and people are not very pleased with it.

Chipping in, Paul Okoye slammed her for trying to chase clout.

He noted how no man can lick their woman’s private part during their menstrual period.

He dared Monalisa Stephen to reveal the name of her man for just 2million.

“I’m 1M% licks your Bloody Pixxy!!! On your Period. I believe she is just a clout chaser. But if your not lying call his name for 2m- Naira. Just open your mouth. Zaaaawaaa aaa”.

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