“Pick your choice ” — Keke rider who returned passenger’s N15m offered 4 wives to marry

The 22 years old Keke rider who returned 15 Million naira to a business man who forgot his money in his vehicle has been given the option of 10 wives to marry.

The 22-year-old commercial keke rider in Kano state, Auwalu Salisu who returned 15 Million naira forgotten inside his Keke has been rewarded for his honesty in a peculiar way.

Recall that Salisu, made headlines after he returned the whopping sum of N15 million to a passenger who had forgotten the cash in his tricycle.

Salisu has been recognized by the Kano Matchmaking Marriage Association, known as Mai Dalilin Aure who wants to reward him with 4 beautiful wives.

Upon hearing a radio broadcast about the missing money, Salisu made the commendable decision to return the entire amount to its rightful owner, despite facing ridicule from friends and relatives for his honesty.

The Chairman of the matchmaking association, Alhaji Mukhtar Inuwa Yakasai while speaking to Freedom Radio in Kano emphasized the exceptional character displayed by Salisu.

As a reward and show of appreciation, the Kano Matchmaking Marriage Association offered Salisu the opportunity to choose four women for marriage from a selection of ten eligible candidates.

Yakasai also revealed that two of the women included in the options were his own daughters.

“The boy has shown the good character of our Noble Prophet, Muhammad (SAW). He is indeed trustworthy.

“That is why we have decided to honour him with these gifts. There are 10 women for him to select four. Two of them are my daughters,” Yakasai said.

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