Police arrest Slay queen for allegedly defrauding online buyers with fake alerts


  • A slay queen has been arrested in Benin state by the police for allegedly defrauding online vendors with fake alerts.
  • According to reports the lady has been scamming different online vendors since 2019.
  • She carries out her using different instagram account.

A slay queen has been arrested by the police for allegedly defrauding her online vendors using fake alerts.

According to reports, the lady who has been arrested has been in the scamming business since 2019. She is said to have been using fake alerts and four different Instagram accounts for the same purpose.

Some people she has reportedly scammed include; Jennyglow, shoes, perfume, clothes, and hair vendors amongst other people. The case was reported to the authorities in Lagos where she was tracked down to Benin from Lagos.

One of the victims, Biibi Luxury hair took to her Instagram and captioned her post,

“The heart of man is wicked!!!!!
This lady has been ordering hairs from us with fake alerts for a while now, and I only got to know about it two weeks ago ????. I reached out to some of my friends in the hair industry and I realized she has been doing this since 2019. This lady uses four different Instagram accounts to defraud people, she has scammed the likes of Jennysglow, shoes, perfume, clothes and hair vendors infact the list is long. I reported the situation to the right authorities in Lagos, and i tracked her down to Benin from Lagos(mind you she doesn’t have an address) it was quite hard to get her, but eventually we were able to nab her. I could have let this slide as usual but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! To those impersonating me, by the time I am fully ready for you, you will really regret your actions.
I don’t like drama, infact I detest it, but this is long over due. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!

These are the handles she uses to defraud people


Vendors please confirm your alerts very well, before you send out your products.

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