Portable announces plans to launch brotherhood and sisterhood clothing line

Nigerian singer, Portable announced the launch of his clothing line, Brotherhood and Sisterhood Clothing Line.

Nigerian singer and rapper, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, reveals plans to produce brotherhood and sisterhood clothing line.

Heade this revealtion in a video that was shared online with the caption “I am working for my tomorrow, don’t spoil my tomorrow.”

In the video, the Nigerian singer can be heard outlining his plans, stating that he will soon produce two different sets of clothing for brotherhood and sisterhood.

He emphasised that the brotherhood clothing will be exclusively for men, while the sisterhood clothing will be exclusively for women.

He noted that only men should wear the brotherhood clothing and only women should wear the sisterhood clothing.

According to Portable, if any man wears sisterhood clothing or a woman wears brotherhood clothing, they will be identified, beaten, and disciplined.

His statement: “Brotherhood is different from sisterhood. We will produce clothing for brotherhood. If you, as a man, wear sisterhood clothing, you’ll be beaten. There will be sisterhood clothing for women only. Don’t spoil this life.”

Watch the video below:

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