“Portable inspired my role in A Tribe Called Judah” – Tobi ‘Shina’ Makinde

Nollywood actor, Tobi Makinde speaks on what he went through while shooting ‘A Tribe Called Judah’.

Nigerian actor, Tobi Makinde has opened up on what he passed through while shooting popular movie, “A Tribe Called Judah”.

Tobi Makinde who played the role of ‘Shina’ in the movie said that the role stretched his creativity as this was a role he has never played before.

He disclosed that he portrayed a tout before, so he had to learn how to handle the persona.

He further revealed that he had to draw inspiration from controversial singer Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable to help him get in character.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Legit. ng, he stated that he needed to draw inspiration from the controversial “Zazoo Zehh” crooner to portray his role as Shina well.

“The character Shina stretched me creatively in the sense that I had to enter another realm, a realm that I had never been to before. Actors draw inspiration from so many things. Some draw from past experiences, and some draw from the experiences of other people”

“For me, I had to pick a reference and it was Singer Portable because when I saw the character that was being created, I felt that he was the best reference to use to interpret the role. I had to do to follow Portable on social media to watch his videos. He makes me laugh and I learned a lot from watching him do his thing. I also had to pull a lot of street language to bring the character to life.”

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