POS operator breaks down in tears as N75,000 cash reportedly changes shreds of paper (video)

POS operator breaks down in tears after N75,000 cash given to her by a customer after a transaction turned to paper.

A P.O.S. operator cries uncontrollably after a N75,000 cash given to her by a customer after a transaction mysteriously transforms to paper.

In a trending video onlookers gathered around the unfortunate lady to console her for losing the N75,000.

According to the P.O.S. operator, she collected and counted the money from a customer who requested that the amount is transfered to a certain account.

However after the transaction was completed and the customer left, the Money allegedly changed to shreds of paper.

The voice in the background said, “Help us, this number came to withdraw from this woman and after the transfer. After some minutes, the money had changed to paper.”

watch the video by clicking the link below:


Reactions trailing the video:

hayuurr said: “Government 40% Nigerians 60%. Na we do ourselves pass🚶🏻.”

clear_lifestyleblog penned: “Inside this hardship people still dey defraud others wey dey struggle. Una go vote bad govt begin frustrate innocent people.”

mo__andra wrote: “But why are people laidis?? This is so unfair. St£aling from the p00r what kinda consc!£nc£ do you have? That’s why the r!ch are r!ch£r and the p00r are p00rer 🤦🏻‍♀️.”

parker_ojugo added: “We citizen are number one problem we are facing in Nigeria but we no go say the truth.”

quiddyofficial said: “The heart of a man is wicked! Woman wey still dey struggle to survive.”

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