Pregnant woman reportedly passed away for refusing to be admitted in hospital

A pregnant woman allegedly passed away after she refused to get admitted at a hospital over concerns of who will look after her children at home.

A pregnant woman allegedly passed after refusing to be admitted to the hospital over concerns about who to look after her children at home.

According to a Facebook user identified as Ugegbe Oyibo, the pregnant woman passed away for disregarding doctors advice over her low blood pressure.

The lady revealed that the woman prioritized taking care of her children over her health, insisting on going home to look after her children and checking I to the hospital the following day.

The doctor had advised her to contact her husband for assistance with the kids, but the woman refused, claiming that her husband was busy and didn’t follow through.

Unfortunately, she did not make it back; she was said to have passed on overnight peacefully in her sleep.

In her words;

“Yesterday I checked the BP of a pregnant woman and is 80/44 she has low BP I notified the doctor and she was told to be admitted because we can’t let her go in that state, she refused and said her kids are alone and no one to take care of them.

“I asked of her husband she said he will be busy, busy doing what ma?
Call him and tell him the recent development because we can’t allow you step out of the hospital like this. She kept saying her kids this and her kids that She later said she will come back later, I gave her letter of consent incase.

“I still called 8:pm she picked when i introduced myself she said she will manage and come later that her husband is yet to be back. I called past 10pm she didn’t pick. This morning I heard the worst news She’s late.. She slept and didn’t wake up.

“Something that can be managed and she is aware. Money isn’t an issue because she’s an HMO patient. Her only problem are her kids. Those kids will survive without her. I feel so sad.”

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