Pretty Mike stirs reaction as he storm Lagos event with luggage which contained a woman inside (video)

Controversial socialite in Lagos who is known for his crazy entrance to parties, Pretty Mike cause stir after he attended an event with a luggage with a lady inside.

Controversial Lagos socialite, Pretty Mike cause a stir online after attending an event in Lagos with a luggage containing a grown lady inside.

Pretty Mike, is popular on Social media for his his controversial and crazy entrance at different events which usually captivates the attention of attendees and social media users.

However, this move did not sit well with netizens who lambasted him over this saying that it is demeaning and debasing especially to the womenfolk.

In his most recent outing, he showed up to a party carrying a traveling box. He was dressed in an ethereal outfit, completed with a blonde hair.

Pretty Mike was seen gently and slowly strolling with the bag to the center where he finally set it flat and carefully opened it

To the surprise of many, there was a lady lying in a fetal position inside the bag.

Watch tye video below:

Check out how netizens reacted to this …
@Myrmontana remarked: “There is no greater danger to society than a bored rich man”

@pacifik_cruise wrote: “How are people even endorsing this kind of degradation of a fellow human being just for entertainment!… locking a woman inside a box, what kind of message are you passing across. This is absolute madness!”

@Sir_Blezene stated: “Weyrey, I talk am na woman. E nor just get Belle.”

@pacifik_cruise said: “This lifestyle don dey carry am dey go where him no know…😏”

@_IamSAT penned: “Like, nobody for that event fit help me burst one or two bottles on top this guy head?
Everything damn thing about dis guy dey vex me, walai 😂”

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