Reaction after a Nigerian man proposed to his older white lover in style

A viral video has captured the moment a Nigerian man romantically proposed to his older white girlfriend.

A video of a Nigerian man’s proposal to his older white girlfriend has sparked reaction over the lady indifference and his sister’s overzealous reaction.

In the video, he is seen kneeling while professing his love for her in Queens English.

He proposed to his girlfriend in a hotel room in the presence of his relatives

His sister couod be heard in the background clapping and urging the lady to say yes. She also added that her brother is not the only one she’s saying yes to, but to the entire family.

His family members could not contain their excitement after the lady agreed to his proposal after a brief moment if hesitation.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

See how Nigerians reacted below:

@Bigstiff1994 said: Na the man sister happy pass, atleast her school fees money sure for next semester.

@lastborn0805 said: Did the oyinbo promise that other girl permanent residency? Why is she laughing so much. And obviously it’s fake.

@CreativeOliverr said: Werey sister say “for us, not just for you”… e dey reason her own japa too 😭

@switchlain said: Toh.. she seems indifferent, e Dan tey wey mama dey the game.

@tholuene001 said: Love lives here

@Ishow_leck said: This is very funny and deeply the other lady jumping up knows why she’s doin so. We understand all the dramas and at least even if it’s fake, it’s duly done.

@panachemuzik said: She doesn’t care, it’s not new to her though

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