Reaction as church writes letter to man to cut his dreadlock or stop worshipping with them

A young man shares a letter he received from his church, reprimanding him over his dreadlocks, warns him to cut it off or stop worshipping at the church.

A Nigerian man has shared a letter he received from his church reprimanding him about his dreadlocks. They also asked him to cut off his dreadlocks or stop worshipping with them.

The young man on TikTok @zaza_of_lagos shared a short video of his dyer locks and the letter hr received.

In the letter, the church warned him about his appearance on several occasions to the church and how they had warned him severely about it but he refused to pay heed.

Sending him a final stern warning, he asked him to cut his dread or discontinue worshipping at their church with them.

Watch the video below:

Check out reactions:

@Tundeadekunleashi said: ‘good church,thsts a real church”

@Omotoyosinana13 wrote: “@Zaza Abeg if you have your offering and thite booklet and records.. Write them a letter requesting them back,then you’ll leave the church,until then”

@AKUNNEYA👑 shared: “My former church 😹 dad may be part of the people who wrote it😹”

@Vhyne wrote: “E no dey hard church of Christ oo😂😂”

@Sommie🦋 penned: “If na me I go write back tell them saying I will not cut it and I will continue coming😏”

@Jessica_Amoatey reacted: “Four signatures, this matter is serious 😂😂😂”

@Cheederah💕 said: “You knw different churches has different laws,and they would want you to obey it…
no one has the right to condemn you,or ask you to stop coming to”

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