Reaction trails video of unhappy wife welcoming her husband’s second wife

A trending video has sparked reaction online over the way a lady welcomed her husband’s second wife into the family.

Reactions trail trending video on social media of a disgruntled lady welcoming her husband’s second wife into the family.

In the video, the second wife, who wore matching traditional outfit with their husband, was seen kneeling down next to him when the first wife walked up to her and helped her up after which they took a photo together.

Due to the gloomy state of the lady, many social media users have surmised that the whole thing was a set-up.

See some reactions below:
Cheyih_Viktah said: “If you see happiness here, then you’re mad. “Even Sola Allyson would be angry her track was used here 😂”

Ifeade_Lucie stated: “A lot of women tolerate a lot for men !!! She’s not even happy smh”

Chukwunonso noted: “This is a setup, the woman is not happy. The second wife should be extremely careful in that house.”

StepUp wrote: “Her looks alone says it all.. She’s not happy. She just want to fulfill all righteousness by welcoming the lady.”

Covenant asked: “When did it become wrong for a man to have more than 1 wife? Our forefathers did it but along the way we just stopped”

Watch the video below:

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