Reactions as Carter Efe claims ownership of Young Duu’s new song (video)

Popular comedian and record label owner, Carter Efe comes under fire as Young Duu’s name is omitted from his new song Oyinmo with Carter Efe.

Comedian and record label owner, Carter Efe is comes under fire as Young Duu’s new song, Oyinmo, has him as the owner of the song without mention of Young Duu, even as a featured artiste.

The song was released on music streaming platform, Apple Music, which has now been deleted showed Carter Efe as the artiste.

This has left Young Duu’s fans angry, claiming that this was the same thing that happened to Berri Tiga when he released Machala.

Young Duu in respond to the allegations against Carter Efe in new video, claimed he is not ripping him.

According to Young Duu, he was the one who requested that his name is not included, but his voice is his money regardless.

Watch the video below:

See Netizens reactions:

@SeunAyo_ asked: What if it’s a means to avoid Portable coming to collect Royalties on the song saying Young Du is still his artiste. Just what if

@LegacypowerHq wrote: Carter has been spending on him.New fresh cloths. Probably an accomodation. Shot Video. Paid new Producer plus studio time. It’s only right if he wants a return back on investment. Business is Business

@mr_tobby01 said: I hope he sha no go come back, and say another thing, coz Carterefe rate na 90/10% oo🤣😄

@Ladrone_ said: It’s easy to manipulate person wey no believe say hin go blow.

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