Reactions as female fresher is spotted correcting her lecturer

A viral video on social media shows a fresher correcting her lecturer during a lecture, sparks mix reactions.

A viral video online has stirred mixed reaction as a female fresher is spotted in the video correcting her lecturer in class.

The Delta State University fresher was seen showing the lecturer something on the whiteboard and the two seem to be arguing over what was written.

Other students were spotted quietly observing the Lecturer and the student as they argue about what was written on the board.

Some netizens opine that that was a wrong move on her part.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below:
@AJ MONI 🥇💰 said: “Lecturer Dey like all this kind people 😹, ur result will tell 🤨”

@oliviachuku879 wrote: “chai nawa oooh so she is spending another extra year in the same class”

@Flexy Edmond commented: “Lecturer: wow u are so intelligent Student: tnk u ma. Lecturer: write down ur name and reg no. Student:😁😁😁🤏✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️.”

@Grant opined: “She go soon collect 😏😂”

@A j stated: “Wrong move in delsu oooo she fit no graduate with her mates o”

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