Reactions as Kenyan couple receive gifts worth millions of naira on wedding day

A Kenyan couple shocks the internet over the gift they received at their wedding worth over millions of Naira.

A Kenyan couple leaves the internet in shock as they receive sets of furniture, a washing machine, a cow, a goat, and many others worth millions of naira as gifts on their wedding day.

This was captured in a video that is currently trending on social media. The video shows the couple and how they were blessed with practically everything to start a life.

In the video, the couple be seen taking pictures with a full set of sofas, including a dining table set, washing machine and many more.

The huge quantity of the gift has since left many Nigerians especially stunned at how prosperous a wedding ceremony is in Kenya.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions to the video below:

cleopatra_dean_ said: Wow very considerate and thoughtful gifts, this couple must be loved honestly ❤️……”

latashalagos opined: “It’s the way they took pics with every single gift and it’s giver 😂😂😂😂 I love Kenyans 🤣🤣.”

official_christabellaa wrote: “They gifted them am entire apartment.”

bossyayaa stated: “This is actually amazing considering how expensive furniture and appliances are!”

barbie_veev said: “This gifts are more thoughtful than the coolers and pots they give in a Nigerian wedding. Person house go just full of different sizes of coolers when no be say na rentals person won do after wedding 😭.”

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