Reactions as little boys drag tyres, flex muscles in a viral video

A funny viral video captures little boys showing off their strength as the drag car tire tied to their waist.

A video of a group of little boys has attracted social media users after they were seen showing off their strength by dragging a car tire tied to their waist waist.

In the video, the boys were shirtless as they confidently flexed their muscles as they entered the area.

Shortly after, one of the boys was seen dragging a tire tied to his waist around the podium.

These captured the attention of social media users who trooped to the comment section of the video to leave their various reaction.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

See some reactions below:

Pretty Nessa: “‎They all need blood tonic”

Hello hi bye bye: “‎I have like 3 nephews I want to register them. They no get work na only fighting dey do at home.”

prosper_64: “‎the teacher behind this won’t make heaven.”

Crush hairs: “Drumsticks with enough groundnut oil.”

Kay_Mike: “‎The kid in front de3 eei, why ebi world cup anaa.”

Akua tsoobi: “‎I can’t wait to be a parent. my children will participate in everything some. cus weiii.”

Cecilia Aidoo983: “‎This is relieve stress for the upcoming fees. parents its a trap.”

Chiboy Chris205: “‎abeg na who waist the groundnut oil for there body abeg ….oil wey cost now.”

DON JDM3105: “‎like joke like joke they will get there even worldwide.”

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