Reactions as Nigerian lady celebarates her wedding ceremony with an Indian theme

A Nigerian woman leaves Netizens in shock after celebrating her wedding with an Indian theme.

A Nigerian lady sparks reaction on social media after she incorporated an Indian theme into her wedding ceremony.

The video was shared to a page on Instagram, dbou_novelette, celebrated the couple on their nuptials.

The lady was fully dressed like an Indian bride and her husband who is a doctor was not left out. Some of their guest were also seen wearing Indian attire.

The wedding was held in their hometown, Gusau in Zamfara.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions to the video

the.obii stated: “If you complain about this then you don’t have sense respectfully cause English wedding isn’t our own too..”

diamonds_and_silver asked: “Lol how did she convince a grown man to do this?”

ceeceeitua said: “She done too watch zee world tire”

that_urhobo_pride wrote: “So they actually put aside the precious way of marrying in their culture, just to fulfill the foreigners dreams 🤣🤣 im even ashamed of the elders in their community for supporting this taboo of a wedding 🙌🙌”

ykateys added: “For your mind now, u be Sunita Abi pretaa 😂😂 anyways congratulations🎉”

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