“Real men don’t care about the wigs on your head” – Rudeboy

Popular Nigerian singer, Rudeboy had notified ladies that intelligence is what men are interested in and not the type of wig they wear.

Popular,m Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, better known as, Rudeboy has advised ladies that intelligence is what genuine men are seeking for, not wigs.

Recall that the co-hosts on the rated18 podcast dragged ladies who say they are baddies only for them to save up to buy a wig or other expensive items for themselves.

Rudeboy used the opportunity to advise women against focusing on wearing wigs to advance in life.

He claimed that 99.9% of real men are more interested in a woman’s intelligence than in the wigs she wears.

He wrote: “Some of y’all wanna level up in life with wigs …. 99.9% of real men no send wetin you put for head …. But atleast just have brain.”

Check out netizens reactions below…
nwa_mianky suggested: “I know wigs makes women happy, but at least wear it on a head that’s filled with wisdom”

fekomiceo said: “2M naira wig on coconut head 😂😂😂😂”

donking19uk stated: “Have said it many times…ur expensive wig oh,bag,shoes….most men can’t tell the difference. Just look good.smell fine and have sense…”

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