Sarah Martins narrates how she slapped a married man who asked her to hookup

Popular Nigerian actress, Sarah Martins reveals why she gave a married man who approached her with a hookup offer a resounding slap.

Popular Nigerian actress, Sarah Martins recounts how she had to slap a married man who approached her with a hookup offer.

According to the actress, she visited a supermarket at Port Harcourt where she went to get some things.

While at the supermarket, she noticed a man who kept ogling and staring at her and after she had made payment, the man chased after her before she got to her car.

The man then began wooing her, requesting for her number and wanting them to meet up and have fun.

She revealed that she gave him a resounding slap for offering to hookup with her despite being married.

Sarah Martins wrote.

“So today, I slapped a married man!

Dear women, is high you start to tam your husbands because…..

Imagine a married man that wore his wedding band, walking up to me today and boldly asking for my phone number for us to hook up and have fun not minding if I’m married or not.

Normally I would have ignored him and entered my car but the moment | heard “let’s hook up and have fun” the right answer was the resounding slap he received from me on a hot afternoon!

Anyone that knows me well around this GRA can testify I’m a very decent woman and my favorite dresses are bubu gowns despite my amazing body. What gave this goat the guts to boldly ask me out while flaunting his wedding band to my face????

He has luck I’m too not strong and I wasn’t on nails, I would have given him a bloody mark on his face to show to his wife!!!”

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