See man’s reaction after his girlfriend of 7 years proposed to him (Video)

A lady breaks status quo as she propose to her boyfriend because they have been dating for seven years and he refused to make the move.

A Nigerian lady takes the initiative to propose to her boyfriend after waiting seven years for him to make his move

The romantic event occured while the couple were at a restaurant having a nice time.

In the video, the man was in the restaurant when the lady walked up to him, got down on her knees and proposed to him.

The man accepted her proposal albeit shyly. They sealed it with a kiss while the customers of the restaurant gushed and clap for them

Watch the video below:

See netizens reactions:

Ogbovo90 said: “What a smart move, babe secured her man”

Dr Mekino reacted: “Mine just broke up with me”

@damola_ade77 wrote: “Always nice when it ends well, but….


@Aqualady6 commented: “I’m happy for them ❤️but Personally I don’t think I can propose to a man lol.

I’m gonna treat my man like a king tho.

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