“Seyi Tinubu didn’t donate N15m to Mohbad’s kid” — JJ Omojuwa

Socail media influencer, JJ Omojuwa has debunked the news that seyi Tinubu sent 15 Million Naira to Mohbad’s son.

Twitter Influencer, OJJ Omojuwa has debunked the news that Seyi Tinubu sent the sum of 15 Million Naira to Mohbad’s son.

This was barely after news went round on social media that he donated a large some Mohbad’s son.

According to Omojuwa the transaction screenshot going round social media is fake and Photoshopped.

See his statement below:

“Seyi Tinubu didn’t donate N15m to Mohbad’s kid or family. I would know, because I have been discussing with him on the issue for several days. Bella Schmurda mentioned Seyi in a tweet and I immediately forwarded it to him. The same way I have forwarded tweets around policy interventions to him and he’s gone ahead to help advance causes.

When I know the source of the relevant tweet, I message them to let them know I am helping to push the matter. This time, he called me and asked what he could do. I shared my thoughts. I said not to get sucked into the social media thing because whatever he said or did would be politicised.

I then went on to say, irrespective of that, we should prioritise his family, especially his kid. He said he’d commit to the kid’s education and also support the wife immediately. But we also knew there was still a danger of that getting used against him politically – that’s the world we now live in.

It is what it is, it’s why one can only move the best way one can. I sent a message to one of my friends in the industry who himself has also been involved with the Mohbad issue – without making any social media noise whilst getting dragged for not tweeting lol.

Without knowing what I had shared with Seyi, he also advised to hold on. That he would do the necessary connections when it is convenient to do so without appearing to be getting in the way of anything.

Any rational person wouldn’t need an explanation for the hesitations around the issue. It’s the intersection of a criminal matter and social media narratives. I’d ordinarily ignore these things.

I have come to know that for all its power and essence, some things cannot be done by tweeting. Just to be clear, the N15m making the rounds that Seyi donated is not true. My position is obvious – if you can comprehend what you read – I was involved with him on this matter from the get go.

And if you want to know how he is ultimately supporting the kid and the wife, I don’t think that’s my business to say. And frankly speaking, I don’t think it matters. That’s left for those who received what to say.

This post was made for those who need clarity on the matter. Love and light to every sensible person out here. And especially everyone who genuinely care about Mohbad, his memory, family and his legacy. Including those not doing social media posts. Rest in peace Mohbad.

As we stay in pursuit of justice, it is my hope that the kid he left behind gets all the support he needs, long after social media moves to the next thing. Because it will.

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