Seyi Vibez reveals actual age, speaks on why people think he is older

Nigerian singer, Seyi Vibez speaks on why many think he is older than his actual age.

Fast-rising singer, Seyi Balogun, popularly known as Seyi Vibez, gives reason why many think he is older than his actual age.

During a discussion with Nandi Madida on Apple Music‘s Africa Now Radio, Seyi Vibez shared his actual age and also addressed the issue of why people think he is older.

The singer affirmed that the doubt arose from the mature content of his performances, which might seem very inappropriate for someone of his age.

“I don’t think I am young. Everyone thinks I’m older than my age; nobody thinks I am actually 23. I just have to keep pushing, because it seems I am doing what I am not supposed to do at my age. I will keep working, so my inspiration never dies,” he stated.

Seyi Vibez further added that, that he drives his inspiration from God and most importantly his late mother his primary source of inspiration. Although she has passed away, he emphasized that she will forever live on in his heart.

He shared that he is consistently in the studio, actively crafting new songs, with several more ready for release.

“I just keep recording. It is not because I want to record, it is because I don’t like talking to people too much. From when I was young, I did not like talking to people too much.

Whatever is on my mind that is getting me sad or happy, I put it in my music. I record always, because that is the only way I can communicate with people. I have a lot more songs than the ones I have released,” he added.

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