“She deserves everything” – Lady calls out Saskay for snatching Chef Derin from friend

A lady calls out Saskay on social media shortly after the alleged chat between her boyfriend and a lady leaked online.

A lady has called out Saskay on her page after some alleged chats of her boyfriend, Chef Derin were leaked online.

Recall that some Snapchat and Instagram conversations between Chef Derin and a friend were leaked in the internet.

In the leaked chat Chef Derin complained about the terrible sex he had with Saskay and also revealed how he was with her for fame.

Amid the online saga, a lady has called out Saskay and she mocks her for being cheated on by Chef Derin.

According the lady, Saskay snatched Chef Derin from her friend. She claimed that Saskay used to call Derin at midnight to ask the man to come to be with her.

See her post below:

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