“She looks like a bouncer” Netizens mock actress, Olaide Oyedeji’s new look (video)


  • Nollywood actress, Olaide Oyedeji has been mocked online after she flaunted her new body after undergoing butt enlargement surgery.
  • Olaide on her social media page shared a video of her shopping after her surgery.
  • However, Netizens questioned her posture, some even likening it to a bouncer.

Social media users mocks Nollywood actress, Olaide Oyedeji as she flaunts her newly acquired buttocks.

Recall that Olaide took to her Instagram page to share several videos of her butt enlargement procedures, which were done in Nigeria.

In a new video, the actress showed off her new body as goes shopping in a mall.

Her new body however got Netiznes rolling in laughter as many likened her to a wrestler and bouncer.

One Dorime wrote: “She looks uncomfortable in her own body. The hand is hanging like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson own”

One Nnewi girl wrote: “Why is she walking like a bouncer”

One Kerenth wrote: “Them do surgery for her shoulder too?

One Tochukwu Joyce wrote: “Why she Dey waka like Quinox Club bouncer ??? so uncomfortable “

One Abyygurlly wrote: “Why is she now walking like a RoboCop??

One Quinette wrote: “She get hunch back?

Sandy KC wrote: “Why is she walking like big show in WWE”

King Stunna wrote: “She do shoulder pad surgery too?

Mo Adeboye wrote: “Did she do her shoulders too? Because it’s giving Johnny bravo vibes”

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