“She slapped him first” — Emeka Ike’s former PA speaks on domestic violence allegations against his boss

The former personal assistant of Emeka Ike, Adebola speaks on the ongoing crisis between his former boss and his ex-wife Suzanna Emma.

Adebola, the former Personal Assistant to actor, Emeka Ike, speaks on what truly started the Marital crisis between the actor and his ex-wife, blames it in money.

In an interview with DaddyFreeze, Adebola claimed that the couple ran a joint account when they first got married.

Trouble started in paradise when when Suzanne who was a signatory to the account began to move money from the account without Emeka Ike’s knowledge making cheque issued by the actor bounce.

He also stated in the interview that the incident Suzanne recounted in an interview where she claimed that the almost beat her to the point she was paralyzed is noy completely true.

Recall that during an interview, Suzanne claimed that Adebola was in the house when the actor beat her up and that he came in later to check if she had died.

Responding to this, Adebola said that on that day, Emeka Ike was very angry with his wife after he received a call from his child’s school that no one came to pick him up. On getting home after the call, he found their last child who was barely a year old with poo all over his body and alone in the walk way.

This led to an argument between the couple and his ex-wife, Suzanna slapped him twice. He said he came back after their clash to inquire from her why she slapped the actor.

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