“She slept over at her male bestie’s house” — Man accused of dumping his girlfriend of 7 years gives his reason

A man who was called out on social media by his ex girlfriends for breaking up with her despite dating him for 7 years shares his reason for jilting her.

The man who was called out by his ex girlfriend for dumping her despite enduring with him for 7 years has finally given his reason for jilting her.

Recall that Trendinghub reported how a young lady called out her skitmaker boyfriend for dumping her despite all the time she invested in their relationship and supporting him throughout his career.

The young man has come out to clear the air and explain what happened between him and Queen, his ex-girlfriend.

He explained that in 2023 he went to a show in a different state and was not supposed to return that same day.

However, he ended the show early on and decided to go back that same day and he went to her home which is in his state where they both reside.

On getting there, she was not at home. After much interrogation, she confessed that she was at her male bestie’s house.

He spoke on how the best friend has been a major headache in their relationship and he has warned her about him several times.

He further added that he did not promise her marriage and has no obligation to her so he went ahead to do introduction with another lady.

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