“She was overly dramatic during her period” — Man reveals why he stopped speaking to a lady

A Nigerian man has shared how he ended a talking stage with a lady over her dramatic ways especially during her cramps.

A Nigerian man shares how he ended things with a lady over her dramatic nature, especially when at the beginning of her menstrual period.

The man took to his social media page on X, @bentdaniels, to share his side of the story.

He claimed that they had been talking for a while but during when her period started, she sent him a lengthy text, complaining that he didn’t bother to check on her.

According to the man, this would have been justifiable and understand let if the ladt was under 23, but she was a mature woman with a career.

He also revealed it was so bad that every time her period was close, his heart would beat very fast in anticipation of the inevitable drama.

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Some reactions to his post here

@_Niella stated: “This the kind of person God sends to you as a partner, when he wants to punish you for all your sins even the sins of your past life.

@momentswtbreezy said: “Wasn’t aware menstrual cramps stop affecting women once they hit 24. LMAO”

@lifeofariella wrote: “Some of you should just be alone. Relationship is not by force. Checking on your partner is the bare minimum and if you can’t do that, please leave people’s children.”

@olacuteTunes opined: “Career is not an excuse for lack of empathy. You both have careers but she still texts you anyways and drops her ego to double text you still. Your excuse is as useless as the P in ‘pneumonia’

@Winifunds added: “But this is clearly a red flag, ladies overreact during their period and again, you could have just explained to her why you were unable to get through to her, but you are here putting it out to make a point”

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