Shows off best friend who loves snacking on ‘plastic lid’

A young lady shares a glimpse into the life of her best friend who likes chewing on the plastic lid of any drink.

A young Nigerian lady has shared a glimpse into the life of her best friend whose favourite snack is the ‘plastic lid’ from any drink.

The video has since gone viral on social media. This video showed the moment plastic lids of different colours and sizes were handed to the lady who tossed them in her mouth without thinking twice.

Captioning the video, she emphasized how her friend is a ruminant animal who loves chewing plastic lids of bottles.

“You have ruminant animal as a friend,” she captioned the video.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below

evatex_10 said: “Me na Pure water 💦sachet Nylon I dey chop 😂😂.”

olapapaz penned: “This is called Pica. Some also eat other non-nutritive substances like paper, hair, cloth, glass etc. She should see a doctor or a therapist to rule out any underlying health issues.”

greek_freak_1 said: “See Brian wife 😂 two of dem go chop all the cover wey dey dis Nigeria.”

lee_yarh opined: “I love how her friend cares enough to always give her the cover “her favorite thing” to chew😂.”

desire_ou stated: “It’s normal to chew plastics please😖 I enjoy it so much. It brings me back to reality when it clips my mouth while chewing it.😐.”

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