Slayqueen calls out Majeed for ghosting her after sex without paying the agreed sum of N1 Million

A Slayqueen has called out upcoming singer, Majeed for ghosting her after they had sex and also refusing to pay the N1 million she asked for.

A Nigerian Slayqueen calls out fast rising singer, Majeed for ghosting her after sex and for also refusing to pay the N1 Million she asked for.

The business owner took to her Instagram story to call out the musician.

As proof of what transpired between them, she shared a screenshot of their chat where it showed that she had reached out to the singer, asking for some money to buy a machine for her business.

She claimed the machine cost N3 million but she already raised N2 million and was short of N1 million.

After sending him the message, the singer only responded “lol” so she texted later, reminding him of their discussion.

He apologized, and asked her to come hangout and chill with him.

Apparently, after they hung out, they had sex and Majeed refused to send her the money, blocking her on all platforms when she asked.

This made her very angry, strengthened by her resolve to get her money back, she took to social media to call him out after all methods to reach him proved abortive.

Her post below:

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