Soldier discovers that his son is not his during a medical emergency

Nigerian doctor narrates how a solider found out that he is not the father of his 19 years old son after their sun suffered a medical emergency.

A Nigerian solider receives the shock of his life after discovering that his 10 years old son is not his after the child suffered a medical emergency.

The story was recounted by a Nigerian doctor who revealed on Twitter that he had admitted the young boy who was showing all the physical signs of a person living with sickle cell.

The doctor insisted that he run a test on the boy and his father was informed about it.

The soldier insisted that he is AA because he is done a Genotype test several times and the results have always been the same.

The doctor revealed that after the test was conducted, it was established that the father is indeed AA and the son SS.

He, the doctor, didn’t give much detail as to what ensued, but he explained that it’s been a hectic day for him afterward.

His words read …

“Just this afternoon, i admitted a 10 year old child who had a few physical features of a sickle cell child. Index of suspicion made me order for a genotype testing with the knowledge of the Mother who brought him in. Test result showed the child to be SS.

Father who is a soldier, was informed and immediately reacted SHARPLY saying he is AA. Said he has run the test several times. He came down from his station to our facility.

He insisted on carrying out a genotype testing again at our facility. He is AA.

It has been a hectic day.”

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like___felicity penned: “DNA is a must, no woman should even be offended if a man request for DNA. It should even be a flex for us, be like “baby, I need a new car, I’m the mother of your children”☺️☺️”

manymorefurnitures said: “I didn’t see anywhere they wrote the mother’s genotype 😮”

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