Solidstar shares his journey with drugs and how he pulled through

A Nigerian singer, Solidstate shared his story after getting involved with hard drugs and how he overcame it.

Nigerian singer, Joshua Iniyezo, popularly known as Solidstar shares his heartbreaking story since getting introduced to hard drugs in 2021.

This is coming after the singer was captured in a viral video sometime last year, roaming around the streets while looking mentally unstable.

His brother shared a video online, revealing that the mental illness had been going on for a while but was kept private by the family but it was beyond their control.

Solidstar who looked healthier and better in a new episode with the Honest bunch podcast revealed some boys introduced him to Ice back as 2021.

He admitted the drugs really reduced the quality of his life significantly.

He narrated how he started hearing voices in his head telling him he was a king and he shouldn’t pay for anything.

He started trekking long distances and living a subpar life, despite his celebrity status due to his unfortunate addiction.

Watch the video below:

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