“Speaking pidgin to a guy you are not close to is unladylike” Man reveals

Some men has taken to X to share their opinion about ladies who speaks pidgin English to their male counterparts they are not close to, calls it unladylike and gutter behaviour.

Some men have taken to their X account to opine that they find ladies who speak pidgin English to men they are not close to unladylike.

The conversation started after an X user wrote that: “I don’t think speaking ‘PIDGIN’ as a lady to a guy you’re not close to yet (or a guy you’re trying to have as your friend) is ‘LADY-LIKE’

“Please stop!!!”

He asked the ladies who have this attitude to stop as it does not present them in a pleasant light.

Agreeing to this, another X user called it a gutter attitude. “Bro! That is gutter behavior.

“Ladies need to stop!

“Generally, it’s rude to speak pidgin with anyone at all without getting to know them first.” he wrote.

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