“Stay single if you don’t like communication” – Solomon Buchi shares

Popular relationship therapist and writer, Solomon Buchi has emphasized the need for communication in as relationship in his latest social media post.

Popular media personality and relationship expert, Solomon Buchi has stressed the significance of communication in relationships in his latest social media post.

Solomon Buchi pointed out that single people should stay off relationship if they dislike communication.

Solomon Buchi noted that effective communication between partners is the only way to deliver the clarity that relationships need.

He also added that in a serious relationship it is important that the couple talk everything out and acknowledging that they need time to themselves even when one of them doesn’t feel like talking.

In his words: “Stay single if you don’t like communication. Relationships require clarity, and clarity is provided by communication. Communicate your intentions; communicate your feelings, thoughts, your disagreements. And even when you don’t feel like communicating, communicate that you need some time. A serious relationship is two people talking everything out. Stop saying “I’m not the talking type…”. You need to talk to make it work!”


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