“Stingy man” – Lady ridicules admirer who made her food after begging him for money

A lady ridicules her admirer on her social media after he cooked for her and delivered it instead of giving her money after she begged him for lunch money.

A young Nigerian Lady sparks outrage on social media after she called her admirer stingy after he cooked for her and delivered it with a love note instead of giving her lunch money she begged for.

The video which she shared on her page quickly grabbed the attention of the lady who showed that the lady was unappreciative of a man’s effort at being sweet during a talking stage.

The lady was expecting money after she asked him for lunch money only for the young man to deliver a homemade meal he made himself.

Sharing the video, she captioned it, “Stingy man😭😭2024 wetin i do you??”

Reactions below:

tildajohn2.0 said: “He might not even have the money, but he made effort in cooking for you instead of leaving you starving, that should count for something. Girls with sense of entitlement , then why is she asking for something as lil as food.”

khasome penned: “He cooked and delivered it?? That’s a kind man. Lmaoo. You people don’t know what you have sha.

crissytish771 said: “She is ungrateful the food looks good and it was made out love and care.”

kingfadekemi opined: “That a kind man. He cooked for you..you are lucky fr
At least he made efforts and delivered it 🥰🥰that’s a good man.”

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