Sweet moment man pens birthday wishes for his wife on the board after his lectures (video)

A viral video on TikTok captures the romantic a lecturer penned a sweet birthday wish for his wife who is also his student on the board after lectures.

A Nigerian lecturer has stirred reaction online after he penned a romantic birthday wishes for his wife who is also his student after his lectures.

His gesture elicited some celebration and excitement from his students who celebrated his wife for being with such a romantic man.

He wrote, “HAPPY BirthDA, Love,” on the board, a statement that immediately elicited excitement and celebration from the female students in the class. 

Shortly after the video was posted on TikTok, concerned individuals flocked to the comment section to express their views regarding the choice of words in the message.

See some reactions below:

@Mr SAM: “which kain lecturer be this wey dey start with capital letter and end with small letter? only in nigeria.”

@oseniketo: “English na big problem. see the so called teacher or lecturer too. Lower case inside upper case.”

@Rubaya sadick: “Let me understand the English well Ooo. the lecturer is her husband or was her husband? na question.” 

@Taaj: “Aa only this thing dem go remember. ask dem wetin dem teach them that day, u go hear wonders.” 

@Mmmmmmm: “Doesn’t look like a teach maybe just a boyfriend came and wanted to be romantic if he’s a lecturer or teacher then he should be fired!”

@Liz kerry: “I don’t think I can be taught by my husband in class.” 



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