Teacher flogs student to death in Lagos

A teacher at Araromi Ilogbo Secondary School in Oko Afo, Lagos reportedly flogs student to death.

A teacher at Araromi Ilogbo Secondary School in Oko Afo, Lagos, has reportedly flogged a student to death.

A viral video on social media shows students of Araromi Ilogbo Secondary School protesting following the reported demise of one of their fellow pupils, allegedly due to excessive flogging by a teacher.

The incident occurred on Thursday, resulting in the death of 16-year-old David Babadipo, who reportedly fell ill for several days after he was beaten.

The teacher implicated in the awful incident has been identified as Mr. Oluwale, according to sources.

It was revealed that after being subjected to corporal punishment by a teacher, Babadipo was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A video making rounds on social media captured the chaotic scenes at the school, with students seen running helter-skelter both within and outside the premises.

However, conflicting reports emerged as a Facebook user, Esther Wusu, contested the claim that the student was flogged to death.

Esther Wusu asserted that Mr. Oluwale was the school’s vice principal and did not administer any punishment.

She further explained that Babadipo had been unwell since Tuesday, and his deteriorating condition prompted a call to his parents for immediate pick-up.

“First and foremost, Mr Oluwale is a Vice Principal and he didn’t beat him for not paying attention in class because he doesn’t teach, he didn’t even beat him at all.

“That child has (sic) been sick since Tuesday and the parent didn’t take him to the hospital. It got worse yesterday afternoon after the break and they called his parent to come to pick him up,” she wrote.

Adding to the conflicting accounts, another Facebook user Bangose Jide posted; “Teacher beat David Babadipo, 16-year-old to death at Araromi-Ilogbo Senior Secondary School, Oko-Afo. The teacher is named Mr Olawale, a vice principal.”

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