Tech bro recounts how a female friend begged him N500K for wig she ordered online

A tech bro narrates how a female friend randomly texted him and begged for the sum of 500,000 Naira to get herself a dinner party wig.

A tech bro in shocks as he an incident with a female friend who randomly texted him to beg for the sum of N500k’ to get herself a new wig for a dinner party.

A social media user with the handle @calebishola_ took X to narrate the audacity of one of his female friend.

Caleb in narrating his encounter had responded to a tweet discussing about women who boldly ask for money from the opposite gender.

The conversation between Caleb and his female friend illustrated how she requested N500k from him to purchase a wig for a dinner night with her friends.

Upon Caleb’s refusal and suggestion that she ask her partner for the money, the lady responded in annoyance.

In response, she wrote;

“Because of small favor you’re asking about my bf, he got my clothes for me and he’s broke. Small N500k and you’ll be posting rich things on your status pls pls if you don’t have it’s okay. Bye.”

See the chat below:

Reactions Below:
Dprince_charmin noted: “Caleb you be werey!! Why you dey even get all this idîøts as friends! Imagine 500k. Omo she dey craze.”

That_Damola opined: “If she no be thief how you go order 580k wigs and you have 80k?”

Mkildam stated: “And u will be posting rich stuff on your status” Na her papa help u rich?”

TeerachCraft said: “I love how you didn’t mix words for her, werey Dey find who she go use ‘small favor’ that she can’t afford herself wound, Omo ale.”

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