Terrifying moment a man was pushed from a car by one chance operators (video)

A video making rounds online shows the terrifying moment a man was nearly pushed out of a moving vehicle by one chance operators.

A video online depicts the terrifying moment a man was seen struggling with some fraudsters who are trying to push him out of a moving car in Abuja.

The young man was unlucky to board a vehicle filled with criminals in the Federal Capital of the Nation.

After stealing from him, they could be seen pushing him out of the car which was moving at top speed.

The man could be seen in the video struggling to hold on to the open door as other occupants tried to push him out.

Check out reactions to the video below …

green_tutorsng said: “I just pray none of us or our family 307 encounter this “one chance” of a thing”

jully_mk said: “One chance is real I pray we don’t fall 203 victims”

officialfaariclothing reacted: “Abuja with once chance na 5 n 6…I was once a victim on airport road in Abuja, they took me to a shrine inside the bush thank God their boss told me to release me and let me go.that was the day I believed in miracle.God wl protect us and our loved ones”

i_am_onyi_empire stated: “Crime is becoming a norms in this country. The more the hardship is the more the rate of crime keeps increasing.”

official_frabjous_empire remarked: “Instead of you to help him you are still recording…what exactly is our problem in this country?????”

mizjades observed: “I feel like Abuja needs to change their 34 transporting system and incorporate more of registered commercial buses. Like I always say if you are not mobile don’t move to Abuja.”

lekanbabatunde1 prayed: “Oh my God! Insecurity has risen. May God continue to protect us”

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