“The pikin resemble am, that’s an opinion” — Man sued by Nathaniel Bassey says as he refuse to apologize

One of the men sued by Nathaniel Bassy has refused to apologised to the singer, saying that all he did was to state an opinion and he did not commit a crime.

A Nigerian man who was sued by Nathaniel Bassey had refused to tender an apology to the singer, claiming he merely stated an opinion which he believes is not a crime.

The young man was sued alongside four others by Nathaniel Bassy for defamation after he claimed that Mercy Chinwo’s son looks a lot like Minister Nathaniel Bassey.

While some of them have shown remorse and apologised for their actions, this particular young man claimed that he did not commit any crime that he has to apologize for.

He emphasised that he did was to share an opinion, which he believes is the truth as over 200 million Nigerians can say the same.

This man claims he did not advocate for a DNA test unlike his other counterparts, he just said the baby’s face looked like Nathaniel Bassey.

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