There’s no billionaire boyfriend – Mercy Eke spills

Mercy Eke, the first runner up of the BBNaija All-Stars show and winner if the the Pepper them season makes a U-turn about having a billionaire boyfriend.

Mercy Eke, the first runner-up of the BBNaija All-Stars show and winner of the Pepper Them season, makes a u-turn over her claims that she have a billionaire boyfriend.

During her stay in Big Brother house, Mercy Eke revealed that her rich boyfriend offered to pay her 120 million naira within 3 months if she did not participate in the show.

Mercy Eke also revealed that her boyfriend was very possessive and jealous and her advised her not to participate in the show.

She however declined his persuasive offer of 120 Million naira which was soley aimed that dissuading her frok going to the house.

However, Mercy Eke in an interview with Toke Makina, revealed that she lied about having a billionaire boyfriend.

According to her, she only said that in order to chase the male housemates away from her because she didn’t want a relationship.

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