Thief forced to eat chicken raw after allegedly stealing it

An alleged thief found himself in a dicey situation after he faced an unusual punishment as he was forced to eat a chicken raw by group of vigilantes.

A thief has found himself in a dicey situation after he was forced to eat a raw chicken he allegedly stole by a merciless group of vigilantes.

The incident happened when the thief, after being caught, allegedly said he was desperate because he was afraid of “January disease,” a term that used in describing the financial constraints experienced at the beginning of a new year after spending a lot during the festive season.

The unidentified thief’s pleaded for leniency but the group that caught him had little or no sympathy for him.

The vigilantes presented him with the tough choice of either eating the chicken raw or endure a severe beating.

Faced with these options, the thief reluctantly ate the raw chicken to the awe of the crowd who came to witness the ordeal.

According to an eyewitness the action of thief was a distressing sight. Describing it he said;

“With blood dripping from the corner of his lips, he would occasionally cough out a feather or two as he screwed up his face like someone swallowing the bitterest gall. The beatings, somehow, were worse for him as he ate the obviously unpalatable meal to stop them. I think he will never eat chicken or white meat again, for as long as he lives,” A resident of Pumula suburb in Bulawayo told B-Metro.

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