“This one na windscreen” — Lady shares video of glasses a boy wore to a restaurant

A lady gets her followers laughing after she shared a video she took of a young boy wearing a pair of exaggerated glasses to eat at a restaurant.

A lady takes to her social media to share a video she took of a young boy who stir ed a restaurant with his exaggerated glasses just to eat.

The video which has quickly gone viral was posted on her TikTok account, @shesdian.

In the video she apparently went to the restaurant to eat only to stumble on the sight. She quickly zoomed in the boy who was eating with his glasses with no qualms.

The young boy who was unbothered kept on enjoying himself, paying no mind to others in the restaurant.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions to the video

@Kingsley_Maynard wrote: “Incase crime happen there no need to change clothes him dey power rangers mood already”

@user7906510672836 said: “he dey wear windscreen for eye”

@K.I.D🍬 reacted: “You haven’t seen nothing 😂😂😂”

@Noah said: “Pablo doings 😂😂”

@MR BLACK added: “when you cash out for the first time 😆😆”

@Mobolaji. opined: “My bro Dey go space 😂, he just branch chop small😂”

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