Trending video of Muslim man hiding to eat and drink during Ramadan fasting

A muslim amn provokes sympathy and debate online after he was captured in a viral video hiding to eat and drink during Ramadan fasting.

A trending video of a Muslim man captured hiding to eat and drink during Ramadan fasting stirs reaction online.

The unidentified Muslim man was spotted in the video breaking his fast early in the morning.

The said man hid beside a wall and kept munching on a snack and drinking a cold bottle of soft drink, not knowing that he is being videoed.

This video has stirred both sympathy and reprimand from people on social media.

Watch the video below:

Read the comments below:

_deagram wrote; “As a Catholic, we are in the Lenten season but no Priest will force you to fast. I hope others will also learn not to compel anyone. Above all it’s between you and God and Allah.”

auntisidi said: “We have understanding girlfriends. Nothing like understanding ulcer. Let him be. 😂😂😂😂”

thefoodnetworknig2 wrote: “For him to drink sprite, e mean say baba don almost faint! na ORS 😩”

wallpaperplace said: “Na who Dey alive dey fast oooo, baba for get ulcer.. leave him alone 😀😀”

surehavenrealty said: “Leave this people alone. Person wey no Dey chop well on a norm Shey na him go fast?”

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