Unemployed graduate sets his certificates on fire after looking for job for 13 years

A Nigerian graduate from Ajayi Crowther University, burns all his certificate after being jobless for 13 years after his graduation.

A Nigerian university graduate makes the rash and bold move of setting all his certificates on fire after he failed to get a job, 13 years after he graduated from school.

The man identified as Lutimain Alvin. Lanre an Ajayi Crowther University graduate, became feed up with his situation and decided to get rid of the certificates since he cannot get any job with them.

He showed each of his certificate from primary to the university level and stated that they had all been useless to him.

See how netizens reacted below:

Samblinqz said: “If he does that, how would his message be passed?”

@therealmifo commented: “Coloured photocopy machines dey. Who are you fooling?”

@HarunaNuhu said: “Valid points but rash action to take.”

@OkoronkwoJohns1 said: “He is expressing frustrations of Nigeria as a country.”

@2023best_is_35 said: “I have enlarged mine. They are in my sitting room. It is a reminder for me not to allow my children to study useless courses in this country. Rather, they will go for professional courses.”

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